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Outline Maps & Labels

Use links below to view and print free worksheets for Labels, Black-Outline, and *AMS Color-Outline maps.

Use Outline Maps to trace, color, or label continents and countries.

Cut out Labels and attach to maps or use sheet as a guide to create handwritten labels. There are 2 sets of labels per sheet except for United States (1 set of 50 states) and Middle East Region (1 set of 24 countries).

Middle East
Earth's Continents
United States
North America
Central America
South America

For assitance, read Printing Help for Maps and Labels. You can also contact me here.

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Tips and Tricks

Printing Help for Maps and Labels - You can also contact me here.

iPad Screenshots - Take, locate, and print screenshots.

iPad Protective-Case Comparison - 2 Experts versus 5 Cases - video, plus link to teacher's favorite.

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General Info

Pricing and Availability
Middle East Region ($2.99 US), United States ($2.99 US), Earth's Continents ($2.99 US), Canada ($2.99 US), Australia ($2.99 US), North America ($2.99 US), Central America ($2.99 US), and South America ($2.99 US) are available now in the App Store. Send iWorldGeography feedback and requests to iWorld Feedback.

Educational-Discount Pricing & Bundles
Available for your school or library through the App Store. Contact TenSun if you have questions.

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*AMS Color-Outline Maps
All iWorldGeography-color palettes match existing American Montessori Society classroom materials. Back to Top.