TenSun Interactive
MyWorld Geography Series

Now with labeling activities, MyWorld™ lessons are fully integrated into Montessori Children’s House and Lower Elementary geography curriculum. Fully compliant with the American Montessori Society's Technology Position Statement, each title is designed to be used independently by children age 3 to 9. The software is simple to install, and easy to use. Students simply double click on the file icon to open a lesson.

Each title includes a five-part lesson. Using sound and animation, continents or countries are introduced. In randomly generated sequence, children are asked to click on each. Puzzle pieces are randomly scattered on screen for children to put back together. Label and flag activities challenge students to correctly identify each using an electronic pin map. Students who master all lessons will also acquire technology skills recommended by the US Department of Education for exiting kindergartners, including the ability to open and close an application, point-and-click, and drag-and-drop objects on screen.

Macintosh system requirements:
OSX 10.4.x or later (Intel); 10.1.x or later (PowerPC)
Internet browser with Flash Player 9 or later
Windows system requirements:
Windows XP, Vista or 7
Internet browser with Flash Player 10.2 or later