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  Middle East
9-12 years
Earth's Continents
3-6 years
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  United States
6-9 years
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"Your iWorld apps were the first ... we could endorse whole-heartedly … Thank you for your quality, real, Montessori apps.." -- MontessoriTech.net

"We love the simplicity of this app and the friendly navigation system. Little kids can virtually use this app on their own and figure it all out seamlessly." -- TeachersWithApps.com

" ... the simplicity of the app means that children will be able to focus completely ... and they’ll definitely learn the material." -- theiPhoneMom.com


Created for 3-to-12-year olds, apps include introductions to each name and location, plus a quiz, puzzle, and label activities for countries and capitals. Flags are included for Australia, North, Central, and South America. Continents included for Middle East.


Active intro - Touch a country to hear its name.
Passive Intro - Watch animated introduction.
Quiz - Touch to locate countries; Repeat to hear again.
Puzzle - Scatter and reconstruct the map. Hide or show country outlines.
Label - Drag pin to label countries and capitals, flags for Australia, North, Central, and South America.


* Self-Correcting Quiz - answer fades in with audio reinforcement; no wrong-answer penalty
* User-Controlled Manipulatives - pins and puzzle pieces drag freely around screen
* Fresh Challenge - questions, labels, and puzzle toss appear in different order each time
* Labels -

* Pass - skip current challenge label
* Lightbulb - touch to show/hide Control Map
* Control Map - answer is highlighted; others dimmed; use slider to view all for study
* Flag Viewer - magnifier opens flag viewer (Australia, North, Central, and South America)
* Explore Middle East Continents - slider & buttons help review location of countries' continents

Learning Style:

• Challenge increases as activities progress
• Children control the app's navigation; never locked into an activity
• No penalty for a wrong answer
• Correct answers simply reinforced
• No distracting bells and whistles

TenSun puts children in charge of their learning by allowing them to control the difficulty and depth of their lesson. There is no penalty for a wrong answer. The correct answer is simply reinforced. Activities are self-correcting, allowing children to discover answers on their own. iWorldGeography works equally well for kids and adults both at home and in the classroom.

Pricing and Availability
Middle East ($2.99 US), United States ($2.99 US), Earth's Continents ($2.99 US), Canada ($2.99 US), Australia ($2.99 US), North America ($2.99 US), Central America ($2.99 US), and South America ($2.99 US) are available now in the App Store. Send iWorldGeography feedback and requests to iWorld Feedback.

Educational-Discount Pricing is available. To request a bundle arrangement for your school or library, contact TenSun.

About the Series
iWorldGeography applies self-teaching activity design to geography curriculum found in Montessori Children's House and Lower Elementary classrooms. The original series was developed based on three-year's observation in Lexington (MA) Montessori School Children's House classrooms, where TenSun's desktop version of this series was first used as a popular curriculum supplement in 2004.

The Series map colors match American Montessori Society classroom materials.