Printing Help for Maps and Labels


Printing with Safari

From a Mac ...

If Adobe Reader is installed on your computer (no preview image in the command-P window), click the printer icon that appears in the semi-transparent menu at the bottom of your pdf document window. If you don't see the menu, move your cursor to that area of the screen. Select the icon. In the window that appears next, select "Print." I plan to post a help page for this. If you need help now, write me here and let me know which application you are trying to print from.

From iPad to a Wireless Printer ...

To print directly from the iPad, your iPad must be set up to recognize the wireless printers on your networks. If your iPad isn't set up for printing, see "From a Mac ..." above. To continue printing directly from iPad:

1) With the pdf open in Safari, touch the pdf image. A menu bar should appear at the top of the iPad offering the option to open the file in iBooks.

2) Touch the "Open in iBooks" button. The file will open in iBooks.

3) In iBooks, touch the icon that looks like an arrow jumping out of a box to open and select the "Print" button.

4) When the Print Options window opens, if the printer you want is not already listed as the designated printer, touch the current one to open a list of printers. Touch the printer you want to return to the "Printer Options" menu.

5) Touch the "Print" button to send your file to the printer.

Reduce Label Size

The label size was designed for younger children's ease of use when cutting with scissors. If you prefer smaller labels, locate the "Scale" option in your Print Settings. Enter your preferred size and select print.

In (the free PDF file reader) Adobe Reader, select "Custom Scale" in the Print Window. Type the percent by which you wish to reduce the label size (i.e., 80%). Select Print. If you need help, please write me here and let me know which application you are trying to print from.



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