TenSun Interactive
About Us

TenSun’s goal is to provide simple activities that engage users and encourage continued exploration in the physical world. We believe that, when it comes to technology, less is more. Our activities are designed to engage students for a discreet purpose. They use our software, then move away from the computer to explore the world around them.

You will find no bells and whistles in TenSun software. Our goal is to design activities that are simply interesting to the intended audience. As in the physical world, when a software lesson is sufficiently well designed, students respond. Intrinsic motivation is engaged. TenSun-lesson design facilitates self-directed mastery.

We often use children’s voices in our applications, because children have responded well to them. We call on visual learning and listening skills whenever possible. We introduce text only when necessary.

TenSun’s founder, Lynne Bolduc, holds a master’s degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education with a concentration in Technology in Education. She has 25 years’ experience in education, technology, and strategic systems design. Lynne was Lead Application Developer at MIT’s Center for Educational Computing Initiatives. Exploring the Art and Science of Stopping Time, originally published by MIT Press, is an example of CECI's application work, on display within the MIT Museum's Edgerton Exhibit where the collection has resided since touring the US and Europe.

From 2000-2009, Lynne was a full-time, pro-bono consultant (and a parent) at Lexington Montessori School in Lexington, Massachusetts where she served on the Board of Directors spearheading technology-policy implementation and strategic planning for the School’s technology program. She was the 2009 recipient of Lexington Montessori School's Maria Montessori Award for outstanding service to the School.

We hope that you enjoy our titles and find them useful. We invite you to share your comments by emailing feedback. Thank you for your interest in TenSun.